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Pre-school Room

This room is designed for children aged 3-4 and provides the opportunity for all children to develop and learn through exploration and creative play. Within Preschool, our well qualified and experienced staff assist the children with their learning and development in preparation for “Big School” and a greater structure to the day is provided. However, quality continuous provision and free-flow learning is still integral to the learning journey and many of the activities on offer will be child initiated and led.

At Little Lambs, we fully understand the importance of children’s transition to a new school. We have spent time consulting with teachers from local schools, asking them what information they find useful when our children move onto their school and have then used this information to create a detailed transition document which summaries a child’s learning and development and a child passport of interests and individual requirements. We invite teachers into the setting and take children to see them in their new school. The children are encouraged to take their own photographs to bring back to the setting and share with their peers.

In order to further prepare our children, we sell our own Little Lambs Nursery uniform for the children to wear, embellished with the Little Lambs logo. Please speak with a member of staff for more details on how this can be ordered.

Adult- led activities are set out during the day which are created from the children’s individual learning and developmental needs. As well as having the opportunity to join in with adult led activities, the children are also encouraged to make their own choices and choose activities which are of interest to them.  Children in this room are also provided with the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons (an additional cost for this is required).

The ratio in this room is one adult to every eight children. There is also a member of staff with Qualified Teacher Status in this room.

Preschool Room Gallery